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Accepting Change

           Things are always in a state of change — even when we do not realize it. Life is in constant motion. Yet, oftentimes we hold onto certain ideas, situations, people, places, and things to give us a sense of inner-stability. 

           It is common that when we become aware of the things that are in need of change, we simply observe the thought rather than feel empowered to act on it. We forget that we can take simple and effective actions towards being that embodiment of change. Whether you’d like to declutter your mind or set an effective sleeping schedule, there are ways to get to that point.

           From an objective standpoint, the actions are simple; you just do them, right?

           But from a more subjective standpoint, there are (more often than not) mental and emotional blockages that get in the way; so it’s a little bit harder. Being human, our minds are trained to function in a way that allows us to feel safe. We can find comfort in sleeping late at night or having a cluttered closet. But as we all know, change is a lot harder when we are deep in our conditioned state of comfort.

           With that being said, I’de like to share a technique that can be applied to pretty much anything you would like to change!

           Either grab a piece of paper or ask yourself out loud: “What is it that I would like to change?” Then, proceed to write it down or take mental note of what that is.

           Then, ask yourself: “Why do I want to change this aspect of my life?” Become very clear on how this change will greatly benefit you as a person.

           Next question: “What are some things that are in the way of me making this change?” or “Why is it hard for me to make this change?” Whether it be an emotion, or a thought that justifies you to stay in this cycle, write it down. Call yourself out on the very thing that has been hindering your growth — and be as honest as possible… Remember, this is not an easy task!

           Final question: “What brought me to this point in the first place?” One of the most important things to identify is the root cause of any issue you may have. Keep pondering this question until you realize, “Omg馃樁 That’s where that came from??”

           When we can understand the deeper meaning (by accessing the subconscious) as to why we act and think in a specific way, that is when we can rewrite the script. This is the point where we can consciously choose to unsubscribe from that old way of being.

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    Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the challenges. It was really informative. Your website is useful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Auzar

      Thank You! It is my absolute pleasure

    1. Auzar

      Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me. Blessing to you馃檹馃徑 I am so grateful it resonated for you.

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