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           Abundance is everywhere; within us and all around us. It is an innate part of the universe. The universe, being infinite in nature, is constantly creating countless manifestations from moment to moment — whether we are aware of it or not. 

           Abundance is not about having buttloads of money. It is about living a life that brings you so much bliss, you naturally attract everything that you will ever need to thrive on this planet. To be in a state of abundance is to live in your heart’s highest joy while receiving the universe’s blessings. It’s knowing that the Universe has your back, because it is abundant in nature. Abundance is also remembering that you are connected to an infinite source, and that source is always here with you; now. 

           To live in a stronger state of abundance, it’s important to understand that abundance is an energetic frequency. We can choose to connect with the energy of abundance at any given moment — even if we find ourselves broke to the bone.

           It’s always so funny how synchronicity like this occurs: As I am typing this article in a coffee shop, a song with the lyrics of, “I am rich. He is rich. She is rich. We is rich” plays. This is exactly what I mean by “abundance is an energetic frequency.” Right now I am tuning into the abundance frequency, and my immediate reality is reflecting it back to me.

           It is only the thought that tells you “you are lacking” that you are lacking. When you choose to tune into the heart-centered vibration of abundance more, you realize that everything you will ever need is here for you; now.

           Ask yourself: What are the thoughts that keep you from spending money? Are you afraid to tip more than 10% at a restaurant? What about investing in yourself? Is that difficult for you to do? In order to live in the abundance frequency, you have to let go of anything that is not in the abundance frequency. This meaning: becoming aware of the limitations you set for yourself, and actively choosing to break free from them. So for example, if you’re at a restaurant and you are really loving the food and service, but feel held back to tip more than $10, choose to connect with the abundance frequency and tip $20!

           Know that whatever you give from your heart will only come back to you.

           Another part of becoming more abundant is claiming your sovereignty as an individual. When you do so, you break out of the herd mentality that you have to work hard to get money… or that you have to suffer to be happy. It’s saying “F that! i’m choosing to live my life to the fullest RIGHT NOW.” That includes doing things that are aligned with your heart’s highest joy, and letting go of everything else that isn’t. The more you claim your sovereignty and connect with the God in all things, your reality will naturally reharmonize itself into a state of abundant joy and blessings. 

           So ask yourself, “Am I still running a program that tells me I have to suffer in order to live in financial, emotional, and spiritual abundance?”

           If your answer is yes, then we got some work to do😏

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