When we heal ourselves, we heal the world we live in.

Our Intention is for you to grow more present with yourself. Why? Because the more present you are, the more you become aware, and it is through awareness that you are able to heal your past trauma, feel your suppressed emotions, and recreate a conscious reality.  

Through the internal work that our healing sessions offer, you will create more space within you to let go of anything that is inhibiting you from living your life to its Fullest. 

We activate the mental, emotional, vital, physical, and spiritual body so that your soul can grow to be fully expressed. 


My name is Auzar and I am so grateful to be guiding you along this beautiful journey we call life!

I understand that the energetic state you are currently embodying is attracting everything into your present reality.

Throughout our journey, experiences can shape our mind and body to function a certain way: As our minds become conditioned to think a certain way, our bodies also become conditioned to function a certain way.

My mission is to help you de-condition unhealthy thought patterns, alchemize emotional blockages, and realign your spirit with your body. I am here to empower you to awaken and to rise into the highest version of yourself.

Ever since a child, I have always been the one to feel another person’s pain and discomfort; I could sense suppressed emotions and unspoken thoughts. I naturally attracted these experiences into my life so that I may learn the same lessons that they are. This has allowed to me to deepen my understanding as to how healing takes course: The more we resist pain, the more it occurs. From my interpersonal experiences, I have been blessed to heal and advance my own emotional and psychic intelligence for the healing of humanity and Mother Earth.


Auzar’s educational experiences have shaped her to have the holistic perspective she uses to approach every client. Her knowledge and wisdom stems from many different outlets, yet is ever-expanding. 

She has her bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences, completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and has received her Reiki 1 & 2 attunements.

Along with the more physical aspects of education, she also receives most of her knowledge directly from the Divine. Through deep meditation, communion with plant medicine, and immediate access to her spirit guides, Auzar channels high-consciousness frequencies so that you may remember, and rise into, who you truly are.