Expansive Yogi

~ Welcome ~

Expansive Yogi was founded by Auzar Kashanijou in 2020. Working through many internal imbalances and experiencing the collective fear rise to the surface during  a global pandemic, Auzar has fully embraced the need to externalize all that she has learned and integrated ever since her spiritual awakening.

Our offerings and insights provide an Integrative outlook that allow you to step into a higher knowing — living in harmony with your physical body, vital body, mental/emotional body, and supra-mental body is our greatest priority.

This is a space for you to Reflect, to Realize, and to Expand your understanding of who you are as an Individual Entity and where you stand in the Collective Consciousness. We are here to guide you through the steps that need to be taken so that you may Awaken to the limitless being you have always been, but may have forgotten.


My name is Auzar and I am so grateful to be guiding you along this beautiful journey we call life! 

I understand that the energetic state you are currently embodying is attracting everything into your present reality. 

Throughout our journey of life, experiences shape our mind and body to function in a specific way: As our minds become conditioned to think a certain way, our bodies too, become conditioned to function a certain way. 

My mission is to help you de-condition unhealthy thought patterns, overcome emotional blockages, and realign your body to the conscious space you have created for yourself.

Ever since a child, I have always been the one to soak up others’ suppressed emotions and unspoken thoughts; I could feel another person’s  pain and sense their dismissed discomfort. I naturally attracted those with energetic imbalances into my life and always held my doors open to help them. With this, I have grown to utilize my emotional and psychic intelligence for the healing of humanity and Earth, herself.

How would you like to Expand?