Expansive Yogi

~ You are Divinely Guided ~

Expansion is the driving force behind everything we do; 

Every place we visit, person we meet, and object we come across is here for our personal growth and reflection.

To Expand is to Grow in ways we were not previously aware of.

It is to Surrender to what we cannot control and to open up to a space that reminds us We are Whole.

It is to Breathe into the pain and to Release what is holding us back from aligning with our Truth. ~

Expansive Yogi was founded by Auzar Kashanijou in 2020. Experiencing the collective fear rise to the surface during a global pandemic, Auzar has fully embraced the drive to externalize all that she has learned and integrated ever since her spiritual awakening.

Our offerings and perspectives provide an Integrative outlook that allow you to step into a higher knowing — living in harmony with your physical body, mental/emotional body, and supra-mental body is our greatest priority.

This is a space for you to Reflect, to Realize, and to E X P A N D your understanding of who you are as an Individual Entity and where you stand in the Collective Consciousness. We are here to guide you through the phases of healing so that you may Awaken to the limitless being you have always been, but may have forgotten.